Jandals and Jet Planes

Life & Adventures of a Kiwi Family in California

Pirate and Mermaid Party – The Twin Tornados Turn Six

A pirate and mermaid birthday party as the twin tornados turn six - check out how we celebrated this year.


Giant Jaffas at Target

Why do I crave New Zealand chocolate every time I visit a USA Target store?

Call of the Wild…

Howling coyotes, screaming bunnies and cheeky squirrels - all part of our new back yard.

Graduating Kinder & 10 Weeks of Summer Holidays

We survived our first year in the USA school system, with the twin tornados graduating Kindergarten last week.

Climbing Bell Rock, Arizona

Scaling a huge red rock in Arizona is no match for the Jandals and Jet Planes family.

When it’s 11:57…

I'm all about keeping the Twin Tornados aware of their roots, so when they ask me the time and it's 3 mins to midday, the correct Kiwi answer could only be one thing...

Bears, Bison & Gun Fights

Driving through bears and bison and witnessing a gun fight - all part of our Summer Road Trip...

When I was Fifteen

What did you want to be when you were fifteen years old? LinkedIn had their 15th birthday this month and got me thinking....

Just like in the Movies

The twin tornados and I rode our first yellow school bus today - just like in the movies!

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