Camp Snoopy Knotts Berry FarmThis time of the year, Knotts Berry Farm embraces Christmas to become Knotts MERRY Farm. So, we decided to play tourist and take the twin tornados to meet Snoopy and friends.

We arrived early, mid week and were most impressed with how uncrowded it was. Parking was a breeze, no queues, no drama (although you do get security wanded and go through a metal detector, which always makes things feel dodgy).

Parents out there will understand that getting youngsters to ‘wait patiently’ anywhere is NEVER fun experience, but the most we had to wait in line for a ride was 10 mins (2 turns) tops.

Our first stop was always going to be Camp Snoopy. This is the ‘child friendly’ area of the park, with most rides suitable for our kiddos. They didn’t make the height restrictions on a few things, or needed to be accompanied by an adult on some, but in general, they were good to go.

Balloon Race, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry FarmWe rode the ‘Grand Sierra Railroad‘ train (not very exciting, except for the fact that it’s a train), and had a ‘Balloon Race‘.

They enjoyed tooting their horns while driving around the ‘Rocky Mountain Trucking Co.‘ track with me, and happily rode the Ferris Wheel with Hubby, and we all had a turn on the chair-o-plane (aka Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer).Rocky Mountain Trucking Co, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry Farm

They bounced along in the ‘Pigpen’s Mud Buggies’ ride having a fantastic time by themselves. At one stage I thought they were going to bounce right out of the buggy, but they just thought it was hilarious.

I wonder if they get their daredevilness from us? Hubby and I do love a good roller coaster and thrilling theme park ride. The kids don’t seem to mind the exciting rides, as long as we are there to hold their hands.

Camp Bus, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry FarmThey giggled on the ‘Rapid River Run‘ – think a tamer version of the Pirate Ship at Rainbow’s End, but it spinning at the same time.

There were screams of delight on the ‘Camp Bus‘. The twin tornados insisted they needed to go twice on this ride, and with no lines, they didn’t even have to get off it for their second turn.

They flew a airplane together on the ‘Flying Ace‘ (which reminded me of Snoopy’s Christmas song – you know, with the Red Baron – since it’s that time of the year).Flying Ace, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry Farm

We also discovered that they aren’t quite as brave as they think they are. The twin tornados were determined to ride the front car of the ‘Timberline Twister‘ rollercoaster. Hubby was too tall to ride, so I folded myself into the seat behind them to provide parental supervision.Timberline Twister, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry Farm

It was all fun and games until 15 seconds in, when Miss H burst into tears and howled for the remaining duration. To be fair, it was quite a bumpy and twisting ride, and they couldn’t see me or hold onto me from their seat. Mr E, on the other hand, wanted to go again! But, I’m not sure how much of his eagerness was expressed, just to upset Miss H more.Snoopy, Camp Snoopy, Knotts Berry Farm

Camp Snoopy is also where we got to have a cuddle with the furry dog himself. Once again, no lines meant plenty of time for photos.

Aside from the Camp Snoopy, there are also rides in the other areas of the park that are suitable for 3 year olds.

In Fiesta Village we all enjoyed the spinning ‘Hat Dance‘ (like the tea cups at Disneyland) and the old school Merry Go Round (with freaky carnival type animals to ride on).

On the Boardwalk we scaled the ‘Sky Cabin‘ together for a magnificent view of the park and surrounds.View from Sky Cabin, Knotts Berry Farm

The Wild West themed Ghost Town was decked out as a Christmas Craft market, complete with entertainment. We stopped to listen to a cheerful rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus”, accompanied by ringing bells. The kids were in awe, and pulled up a piece of footpath to hear a few more tunes before we dragged them away.

Santa sneaking out the window, Knotts Berry FarmMeanwhile, Santa was spotted in (or getting out of) some most unusual places.

We also took a ride into the ‘Calico Mine‘ and would have enjoyed the Log Ride, Stagecoach and Train rides here too, but the lines were getting a little longer, and it was reaching late afternoon (which meant tired, silly o’clock was fast approaching).

We discovered purchasing the 2016 annual family pass at Knotts Berry Farm was far more affordable than all of us going to Disneyland for just one day. So, although the twin tornados are more familiar with Mickey and his mates, than they are with Charlie Brown, we think we will save Disneyland for 2017, when the kids are a little older and taller. Instead, we can enjoy Knotts Berry Farm any day we like, during 2016.

Overall, I was impressed with how much entertainment there is for 3 year olds at the park. I also loved how the map provided guidelines on height restrictions and thrill ratings, so you could plan your attack prior to getting in line. The park is very big, so I’m glad we had the buggy for when the children were over walking.

It’s only 25 mins from home, and I reckon I could wrangle the kids by myself for an afternoon of fun, every now and again, to get the most out of our 2016 passes.

Does anyone want to join us?