“If you don’t get imagination as a child, you probably never will.” – Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss).

If I ran the Zoo Dr Seuss
I’m sure I’m qualified to own this particular piece of art ‘If I Ran the Zoo’

Yertle the Turtle Art of Dr. Seuss, Laguna BeachIf you haven’t heard of the famous Dr. Seuss then you’ve 1) been living under a rock or 2) had an incredibly deprived childhood. His books and illustrations have shaped bedtime entertainment for many a child, and adult alike.

Cat in the Hat, Art of Dr SeussBut, before leaping to fame with The Cat in the Hat, Geisel worked in advertising as an illustrator/copywriter. He also created paintings (or “Secret Art”) that he kept private and did not display.

While being ‘ladies that lunch‘ with my mother, we stumbled across The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery on the main street of Laguna Beach. Reproductions of these “Secret Art” pieces, illustrations from his famous books, plus 3D works of some of his fictitious creations are on display, and available for sale, if you have deep enough pockets.

Art of Dr. Seuss, Laguna Beach
Part of the ‘Secret Cats’ collection. “Like the window into his soul, these works provide a behind the scenes look at Seuss the man and the artist”.

The artwork is an exclusive, authorised collection of limited edition artworks ADAPTED and REPRODUCED from Geisel’s original drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Dr Seuss Sketch, The Art of Dr. SeussHighly skilled artists are commissioned to closely reproduce the artwork through both traditional fine art techniques and using new technology.

Lorax The Art of Dr. Seuss Laguna BeachThe story goes that original Dr.Seuss artwork rarely (if ever) comes up for sale, so this collection is the closest to the original work you’re ever going to get.

It even comes with a Dr. Seuss printed or engraved signature and a certificate of authenticity. Yes, a certificate to tell you that what you’ve bought IS NOT a real Dr. Seuss piece of art work, but an ‘Art of Dr. Seuss’ piece of art work (yeah, I had trouble getting my head around that too).

I loved seeing the art! Paintings, sketches, drawings and sculptures. Even if it wasn’t his ACTUAL artwork.The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery Laguna Beach

My children love Dr. Seuss stories, and once I can get my tongue around the many tongue twisters involved in most of the adventures, I love reading them too. Horton Hears Who Art of Dr Seuss Laguna Beach

Having the twin tornados, Thing 1 and Thing 2 will always have a place in my heart. And, I will never see images from “Green Eggs and Ham” without thinking of being presented with the book by a meat eater, many moons ago, hoping that reading it would make me give up being a vegetarian. Not blinking likely…

Green Eggs and Ham, Art of Dr. Seuss, Laguna Beach

Anyway, if you like Dr. Seuss, you’ll definitely enjoy checking out this free exhibition at 417 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Which is your favourite Dr. Seuss book?