When Hubby saw the title of this post, he thought I should clarify. We were not hunting fairies with bows and arrows. Instead we were walking a popular local trail searching for fairies of the fictional kind. Now that we have that cleared up, here’s what we got up to over the weekend.

Aliso Summit Trail, Fairy Trail, Jandals and Jet Planes
Hubby and Twin Tornados, posing in the clouds

Lately, we’ve been experiencing ‘June Gloom’ most mornings here in Southern California, and quite frankly I’m getting a wee bit impatient with summer playing hide and seek with us. Sunday morning was a doozy! It greeted us not only with a very grey, gloomy sky, but also drizzle. Yes, it sometime rains in So Cal. Did that stop us crazy kiwis? No way!

Off we went to explore the Aliso Fairy Trail. I’d read about the fairy walk earlier in the week, and thought the twin tornados would enjoy a little adventure. It was a short 20 min drive from home to the city of Laguna Niguel. With side of street parking available on Pacific Island Drive, near the trail head, we donned our rain jackets and splashed off down the start of the trail. Two VERY excited almost-5-year-olds skipping ahead along the path.

Aliso Summit Trail
The Trail

The Aliso Summit Trail runs along a ridge line, looking down onto the Aliso and Woods Canyon. Beautiful homes line one side, while a sheer drop off into the wilderness is on the other, making me a little nervous when kids wandered too close to the side.

Fairy Walk, Aliso Summit Trail
Mr E checking out the fairies

Recently, fairies have made their home along the trail, to the delight of many children, including our own.

Aliso Summit Trail, Fairy Walk
Red Pine Hollow

Aliso Summit Trail, Fairy Walk

Fairy Walk, Aliso Summit Trail
Dance parties welcome…

Aliso Summit Trail Fairy Jandals and Jet Planes

Fairy Cottage, Aliso Summit Trail
Fairy Cottage

Not only have the fairies constructed their houses along the way, but entrepreneurial blood runs must run in fae veins, because businesses and community areas are also appearing (bonfire camping groups, day spa, library, playground, wishing well, school, fairy dust store, etc).


Fairy Library, Aliso Summit Trail
Fairy Library
School for fairies, Aliso Summit Trail
Sparrow’s School for Fairies
Wishing Well, Aliso Summit Trail
Wishing Well
Fairy Cell Tower, Aliso Summit Trail
Fairy Cell Tower, to ensure reception on the trail, even in the rain!
Fairy Walk, Aliso Summit Trail
Fairy dust store

Not to mention the trolls, because where there are fairies, trolls will follow.Warning Trolls, Aliso Summit Trail, Fairy Walk

Trolls, Aliso Summit Trail, Fairy Walk
Troll Home

Apparently the fairies sleep during the day, and come out to play after the sun goes down. Such a shame that the trail is only open from sunrise to sunset! The twin tornados did try knocking on a few doors to see if he could wake them up.

Fairy Walk, Aliso Summit Trail
Twin Tornados searching for Fairies

According to their official website “If you listen closely at night, the fairies can be heard singing, dancing and laughing…. They love to collect coins, shiny rocks, and trinkets that their human friends leave for them on or around their doorsteps.  Some of their favorite activities at night are roasting marshmallows on the bonfire, chasing shooting stars, decorating their fairy homes, reading books to each other, gardening, listening to cricket symphonies, and writing letters.”

The twin tornados loved racing ahead to search for the next fairy dwelling. In fact, they barely noticed they’d walked over a mile, without complaining.

On the way back, we had to get creative to limit the usual “my legs are too sore” scenario. Although the sun had started to break through the clouds, the damp ground was perfect for snails to decide to cross the path. “Rescuing” these snails from people’s footsteps kept the twin tornados occupied for the hike back to the car. Thankfully, there were a lot of snails!

snail, Aliso Summit Trail
Snails on the trail

With the clouds clearing, the scenery got even more spectacular on the return trip, with views through to the Pacific Ocean. I may have waved at New Zealand. I hope you saw me.

Fairy Walk, Aliso Summit Trail
Views from Sunset Point through to the ocean

There were many other families exploring the trail, even in the gloomy weather. It definitely makes for a magical outing, and I can’t help but think what a draw card it would be for any botanical gardens or easy walking trail to get families out and about.

We walked about 2.5 miles all up, taking approx 1.5 hours (with the usual stops for snacks and talking to the fairies).

Fairies are now all the rage at our household. With our original fairy door left behind in a family garden in Taupo, I guess we’ll be building some sort of fairy structure in the back yard and popping up a ‘to rent’ sign at some stage in the near future.

Do you have any fairies living in your neighbourhood?


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